Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why did the chicken cross the road?

It seems there are gazillions (technical term for a lot) of sites with answers to this and zillions (technical term for nearly a lot) of them have what different famous people (from Martin Luther King to Bill Gates) might give as answers

This would be my answer: Cos chickens love adventure & sadly despite their feathered wings cannot take to the skies (at least not long enough to bypass the road in question) ...oh to have wings and not be able to fly...story of my life!

I may have other answers in the future ...what would yours be....what would it tell us about your personality?

Was the chicken in question on a protest march to end battery farming? Was the chicken due to pig mythology, abducted by pig aliens because the sheep were seen to be too stupid to do the job without a wolf impersonating one of them and messing up the job - when if the chicken had just crossed the river in the boat with the wolf and goat and cabbage and trusted that it would all work out and in which case the chicken wouldn't have had to be anywhere near the road that crossed the river and wouldn't have ended up just two chicken footprints in green alien slime on the side of the road?

What do you think?

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At 17/11/06 12:23 am, Blogger Sarah said...

the bottom line is this: the chicken crossed the road to get to the other side.
although i would like to think it was a peaceful protest for animal rights!

At 17/11/06 8:48 am, Blogger by the bay said...

*sigh* Typical conflict avoidance behaviour.

Eleanor n/TSSF

At 17/11/06 9:16 pm, Anonymous El patso said...

Hey Rozadoodledoo

Interesting blog - I had a good nose around. I thought you might be interested in the link below, either for inclusion among your links or just for your own personal goofing around.

Rock on


At 19/11/06 6:42 pm, Blogger Roz said...

Sarah I know its probably really that simple but I do like the idea that it could be dependent on your outlook in life...

Eleanor - I've done it - you've probably done it...why wouldn't the chicken do it...just to avoid conflict...

Hey Patsy! Nice to hear from u...tho a bit scarey when I thought I knew my audience...for a second I went all self conscious - but I got over it...btw good link


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