Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas List

You know when you are just wandering about, doing stuff and minding your own business and you see Father Christmas sitting on a seat opposite you on the Underground reading the paper or you see him out and about shopping in Canary Wharf...the first thing that might come to mind is that Christmas is on its way (unless of course its June and then you may have issues).

When I saw Santa Claus this week...the first thing I thought about was getting my camera out and getting a photo of him. So now when I write my letter to Father Christmas I can send him some pictures of himself out of his work environment - no presents, bag, sleigh, reindeer, children, elves...just some ordinary shots to put in his album...its nice to lose the stereotype.

I've begun my list, so far I have the following on it:

  • Cheese Cake
  • World Peace (I would substitute world peace for cheese cake)
  • Proof that Man really did land on the Moon
  • Make Poverty History
  • The ability to play Silent Night on the guitar (or any other song for that matter)
  • An introduction to public speaking and stand-up comedy course
  • Use of the % of my brain I do not use.
  • A small inanimate object which looks, smells and tastes like cheesecake.
  • Reversal of Damage done to the Environment.
  • The Meaning of Life ie. why 42? Does it mean I will know when I'm 42?
  • An invisible Cloak of Happiness, Health & Safety that I can wrap Jane in.
  • The ingredients and recipe for Cheesecake and the finished article.
  • To hear Misere Mei live in a ginormous cathedral-like building when I am 82 and to die quietly then in my sleep hearing its echo.
  • A satsuma - always have to smell satsumas Christmas morning
  • Somewhere for my brother and girlfriend to stay when they visit at Christmas ie. not the balcony as its too draughty.
  • Immortality for all those I love...or at least the ability to speed-clone if necessary.
  • A prescription for laughter pills
  • A tongue which can eat endless amounts of fresh pineapple without it getting pitted and sore
  • non-dodgey ankles
  • An anti-cynicism shield
  • chocolate

The list is a work in progress...there is more to come.

Whats would u have on ur list?



At 5/12/06 10:49 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

I'd love that anti cynicism Shield!

This year, for the first time ever I'm not that exited about the commercial side of Christmas!

What do I want, well!

To have a great day with people who would one way or another be alone this Christmas!

Oh...and an ipod...only because the rest of my family prefer the commercial side. I only want one to please them! At the end of the day presents don't fuss me! Yea right! lol!

At 6/12/06 2:34 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

all i want to chritmas is my two front teeth

At 10/12/06 5:28 pm, Blogger josh24nov06 said...

for chrimas i want a large pile of money and a goose that can lay golden eggs. yes well besides that i hate the whole chrismas spirit thing it make me feel something in my chest i.e its meant to be a heart but i know i havent got one lol anyway hmmmm on my list

to be allowed to sleep in on chrimas day

and not having to take my dog out in the morning lol


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