Sunday, November 19, 2006

Edward Monkton

There are some people in life who I would have preferred sometimes to be other than Gandhi (apart from the fact he's dead), Sylvia Plath (yeah I know she's dead too), Cathy (in Wuthering Heights - yeah I know she is a fictional character), Jo from Little Women, (ditto) Einstein (ditto on the dead bit not fictional), George Elliot (dead too...but was a real woman), Julia Roberts (only because she and I were born only hours apart - we are obviously twins separated at birth and I got the raw deal), and Edward Monkton...

Dean introduced me to this man's art...ok its not in the National Gallery or the Tate but better than that - its portable art - it is on cards to take home or to give to people who you think will appreciate his illustrations and words of wisdom. Not everyone will appreciate the humour or the thought but that is only because Monkton hasn't made a card for them yet...but it will happen...have faith.

Recently as I looked for appropriate cards for people I have only found them in the Edward Monkton sections...I apologise to the people who have got other cards...its not that I don't care about you or think you don't deserve or won't appreciate the sentiment...its probably that I haven't been able to get to a retailer that sells his cards...sorry...I will make it up to are still great biscuits.

Today I got another card (yes the one above) - for a friend who recently got married...hope they have a great Assorted Biscuit Tin together.

BTW don't ask anyone "If I was a biscuit what would I be?" because you might not like the answer...I mean what did Tom mean by calling me a "crunchy oatmeal ethically sourced"? A "Fairtrade biscuit", he argues...but the cruncy oatmeal?....chocolate can be fairtrade...jam can be least he didn't say nuts...but cruncy oatmeal? Maybe I didn't give him enough time to think....maybe we should get a divorce...its come to this after nearly 20 years together...oh dear I think our biscuit tin is now full of broken biscuits...harmony...huh!

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At 20/11/06 12:46 am, Blogger josh24nov06 said...

well i be we can all guess what biscuits red heads are the one the only ginger bisguits lol i dont think how u spell the word but hey anyway i think i am a....... deformed version of the great crunchy cream but like i said deforemd so thing of it as more of a triangle shape and with no cream in the middle (question to author of this quote) wtf are you talking about and this is why no one uinderstands you

At 20/11/06 1:13 am, Blogger Roz said...

k...i see where u are going...i have continued with my research and not let one disappointment get me down...I asked Jane "if i was a biscuit what would I be"...firstly I was surprised that she didn't even question me as to why I was asking this and secondly I was quite pleased that she just answered as if it was a perfectly normal question and that this was not the first time she had ever been asked this (it was a proud mum moment)...anyway the first biscuit which came to her mind was a jaffa cake...are they biscuits or cakes? then she said...

"no ur one of those round weirdly coloured kids party biscuits with a hole in the middle...all wild and psychadelic icing on the surface but underneath quite an ordinary biscuit - at least you'd like to think"

...well there you have it...I am either crunchy oatmeal or party ring...perhaps i have a split biscuit personality...I will never look at the biscuit shelf in the supermarket in the same way you know any rich teas...or penguins...anyone u know who's a custard or bourbon cream or perhaps a chocolate digestive or even a fig roll...the mind boggles...

At 20/11/06 11:02 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

I just asked my dad what bicuit I am!

He said im a cream cracker...basically a joke!

At 20/11/06 11:03 pm, Blogger Thomas said...


At 20/11/06 11:13 pm, Blogger Roz said...

Craig reckons I am a variety pack of biscuits cos i'm never the same or did he say I'm always he saying I'm schizophrenic?

I told him he's one with a sweet filling!

As for u Thomas...I won't say the obvious Gingernut...or i think ur father is right.


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