Monday, November 27, 2006

EU4U & Cheesecake

I have become re-aquainted with cheescake and owe my new found love of this wonderful confectionary to the young people who where involved in a DVD called EU4U - Your Voice Can Make a Difference which looked at the EU and European Parliament and ways to give young people a voice. In the documentary the young people discuss issues concerning them and the MEP Jean Lambert shows how their concerns can be brought to the European Parliament to be addressed. The DVD will be winging its way to schools and youth centres and other interested parties however the cheesecake has already gone, not to the schools and youth centres but to cheesecake heaven...there have been rumours of the existence of other cheesecakes but these can not be substantiated.

The site of the cheesecake massacre was at the Premiere of the EU4U where they were lulled into a false sense of security thinking they were to be part of a circus act called Can o' Apes...a monkey contortionist act involving a large can and apes who squeezed inside and rolled on top. However the cheesecakes found, in actual fact that they were part of the Canapes and didn't stand a chance once they were revealed to the crowd - the scene was something akin to that of the Colosseum in Rome except that we were the lions.

I feel a certain guilt about the experience...but sadly I would probably do it again...sometimes its just all about the cheesecake.

(btw the above picture is of the young people and Jean Lambert the MEP (Minister of the European Parliament) involved...and of course some of the forementioned canapes - the cheescake is in squares...mmm isn't it lovely?)

Email: for free copy of EU4U - Your Voice Can Make a Difference

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At 4/12/06 6:25 pm, Blogger Sarah said...

all hail the cheesecake!- YAP!


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