Friday, December 08, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 9 & 10

This fortnight we had:

  • National Tree Week
  • Dec 1st World Aids Day
  • Christmas Stuff

And this fortnight we...

  • put up the Christmas Tree - a 7ft great-lookin artificial tree. Advantages = we save time & money cos we don't have to get one every year, we don't kill a tree and we don't have to clean up the pine needles. Disadvantages = needs pine scent added & requires following instructions & colour coding to assemble (which turns out to be an advantage as is a good activity to do at club - Renu, Thomas & Craig did the honours this year).
  • made paper chains & Christmas cards (Mikie made enough to open a stall in Crisp St Market) and Tony hung up the other Christmas decorations including the lights on the tree which needed to be untangled from last year - Jermaine came to the rescue with help from Henry, Hanifa and Renu and the club was lit up.
  • had a great session at Southwark's new Youth Club run by Sarah...yes thats where she is...we r planning an exchange...or something in the future - great group.
  • went ice-skating at Canary Wharf - a 10 minute walk away with 2 groups
  • had canapes at the premier of EU4U - a documentary on the European Union Thomas, Craig, Sarah, Josh & Keeley were involved in.
  • turned the Christmas CD to a single rather than an album - as availabiltity of people has been an issue but a new twist in the plot has meant juniors version of Feed the World has been unveiled...with Kelsea, Chloe, Tayla & Jessie starring.
  • had red ribbons & Aids info posters & leaflets & decorated the tree in red ribbons.
  • were treated to a great Christmas tradition quiz created by Craig.
  • got to play Guitar Hero coursesy of Jon which rocked the club.
  • made mince pies - our club recipe which everyone loved
  • got a call from ITV saying our previous week's audition was successful and we were through to the final round & to be in the studio on Tuesday the 12th of December for recording the Cash Giveaway show! YAY! Then we got a call telling us we were 'cut' from the show! OH!
  • had our first Christmas Party at Club with George Green
  • did lots of other stuff I can't remember and seeing as I can't be bothered to look up my notes you will just have to take my word for it.


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