Sunday, January 28, 2007

First Aid

A weekend residential where Josh S, Josh L, Thomas (AKA Gertie), Keeley, Jim & Craig trained to be Peer Educators in First Aid...

Amongst other things they...
  • met new strange and wonderful other young people and bandaged them
  • ran a session on the subject 'The Amazingness of Craig'
  • devised and performed the Unicorn Play with its infamous 'Unicorn Dance'
  • met the Crystal Maze Master and tried to win crystals for tasks that challenged the intellect and in a final X Factor tested the ability to sing YMCA and scrounge, blag and plead for more crystals, culminating in a timed rummage in Wendy's (not Stanbury)drawers for goodies.
  • put the role-playing unconscious or anyone asleep in the recovery position
  • played games including 'spin the remote' and Jim's favourite game - charades
  • Sang, on more than one occasion, Awima wey, Awima wey...In the jungle, the mighty jungle the lion sleeps to night...etc etc
  • ate cheesecake
  • oh and learned some stuff about snails and yoghurt that wasn't true so they shouldn't remember it.
  • phoned their imaginary boyfriends called Paul
  • entertained the other young people with their fun, games, comedy, drama and winning personalities...sorry that was someone else
  • some were Happy Hens and showed this in their clucking while others were non-conformists...or (a) couldn't be bothered, (b) were too lazy or (c) had some deep thoughts that occupied their minds when the call for the Happy Hens sounded.
  • kept me going on cups of coffee and were generally a great bunch to be away with on residential - but don't tell them I said so
  • and probably loads of other stuff I will probably be reminded of ...

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At 7/2/07 11:26 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

Last 3 posts were great!

Well...exept that give blood one...I mean, who wants to give blood, its just so over rated! and over aged!!!




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