Sunday, April 15, 2007

10 Reasons to Buy a New Bike

  1. You can only use your kid's for so many years before you gotta get one of your own (even if you have used it more than she has)
  2. Because you have a new helmet & lock for riding the old bike...the helmet which you were more and more likely to use because of the rust on the old bike on non-essential items such as the wheels, chain and brakes and the lock which was never needed as the bike was in such a state no one would steal it.
  3. The Environment - need I say more? Okay...less of a carbon footprint etc and more smug feelings that can only be got from things like recycling and cycling.
  4. To get fitter...only needs initial outlay for free fitness after that...yeah I know walking and running are free too...but shoes aren't and getting fitter means living longer - that is unless you get in a road traffic accident.
  5. So that you realise that actually the old bike might be brought back to life if you saw how a bike was supposed to work so meaning a less solitary pursuit ie. someone else could cycle with you (on the old bike, with padding, a reliable helmet & spare bike bits and body parts).
  6. To get back from the outlet from which you bought the bike as DLR & the Underground do not allow bicycles on so its probably the best transport to return the 11.1 kms home.
  7. Its better than spending the £69 on drink & drugs ...and certainly lasts longer (10 years at least going by old bike and would have lasted longer if it hadn't been left out in the rain)
  8. Because its a long time since you got a bike for your birthday and just cos it isn't your birthday it doesn't mean you can't have one and perhaps when you are less of a novice rider in the future you might appreciate a better bike and may even get one for your birthday and pass your old/new one on to a deserving home while you do the Tour de France.
  9. Because the new bike has nice things like a bell, lights and quick release front wheel and saddle and round wheels and brakes that work.
  10. Because you want to feel the wind in your hair (through your helmet) and remember those bygone days of cycling the three miles to school down the terrifyingly steep icy manure covered hills past the farms with the chasing hound dogs - perhaps that is something I should try to forget and instead do some kilometres for the sponsored walk/run/swim/cycle of the distance from London to Africa...of course if I just put the £69 into the kitty...oh well perhaps one reason not to buy a new bike - if the money could be better spent...and another would be if you don't know how to cycle (although that can be easily remedied with stabilisers) ...or if you are cyclophobic but a bit of hypnotism or role playing will turn the bicycle into your friend but if you do start talking to it you may get odd looks and questions regarding your mental health but don't worry - you can talk as much as you like to your bicycle, you can have a bicycle friend (expect though that you will be the more talkative in your friendship and don't be put off). So the last reason to buy a new bicycle, in essence, is so that you can have a bicycle friend - oh the joy, the frolics to be had!

There are probably more reasons which any bike will tell you about, please share them if they do...

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