Friday, April 11, 2008


Jane went to primary school, was home-schooled her secondary years for GCSEs & an AS and then did some more A & AS levels at college.

Now it's back to homeschooling again and this time she's doing it herself. Today she registered to start studying for an Open University degree.

It reminded me of this pottery figure she made in the early years of her previous homeschooling and in turn of the young people we visited last year in Neema Children's Home in Kenya... how much they wanted to learn, how proud they were of the few books they had and how much they valued education whether received and given formally or informally.

I've been putting off doing my dissertation. Initially it was because I hadn't a subject (now being a study of formal & informal education), then I hadn't a good enough angle on that subject, then I hadn't a unique enough angle on that subject. Then I hadn't the time and when I had the time I hadn't the motivation.

I remember how the young people at Neema wanted pictures to be taken of them holding their books. They held them as if they were prized possessions. There is something sad in this. I don't know whether it is sad that they have so few books that they are valued so much or that we can value our learning and books so little.



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