Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Super Kids

Just a few of the Joys of being a Youth Worker I experienced today:

Young People singing & dancing to Bollywood SingStar One girl saying she didn't mind the injection she got at school so much when her TA's talked to her about going to club after Being taught Sign Language by Young People Making personalised calendars with all kinds of drawings from Mermaids and Dragons to Love Heart Flowers Watching a boy arrive at club & act as if it was completely normal to be wearing a Superman cape When asked 'What do you want to do this year at club ?' discovering that Ben wrote 'whatever Josh is doing' and Josh wrote 'whatever Ben is doing' - Oh the Mario Brothers of Club!


At 20/1/11 1:32 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im so glad you are blogging again! keep it up, i love the mario brothers true.

thanks for the fb message, i will reply when i have more energy to feel you in. am very ill. and everythings go superb.

speak soon :)


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