Sunday, May 28, 2006

Paradise Gardens

Paradise Gardens is advertised as

"A wonderful weekend of events, music and street theatre in Victoria Park on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 May. Don't miss giant lily lanterns on the lake, a ghost pagoda, the designer Village Fair, music and dance performances and amazing fire concerts."

I saw drummers, dragons, dancers, giant lilies, craft and food stalls, a steam funfair, musicians, fairies, aliens, acrobats, children in wellies in mud and splashing in puddles, ice-cream covered children and children who thought bubbles gave them magic powers...oh and a coot on a nest.

And even though all this is here, with BBC Radio reporting on it and even Vanessa Feltz... the coot sits on the nest in the calm water... oblivious to all the fun and fanfare! Oh to be a coot on a nest on calm water....


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