Sunday, June 18, 2006

Free London

Today we had the Summer Sale and it was such a beautiful day that the best place to be was definitely on the stalls outside. It was great that Josh & Craig not only contributed to the stall stock but also manned it and drove some hard bargains with our seasoned sale attenders to make 56.38 for the club out of stuff we would have either thrown away or given away to charity shops.

We also got some more people to sign up to get a blood donor unit onsite ...we only need 300 people!

As well as which the Da Linchi Code went down well but remained unbroken keeping its secrets hidden. For 20p people had 2 minutes to try to open our Rozlin Box and get the contents inside...13 people tried to no avail...and 1 person wanted to buy the box for a tenner as it matched her sideboard...and I would have sold it had my dad not brought it back from Cyprus for me.

Afterwards I went into Leicester Square for the Westend Live weekend extravaganza....actually it was pretty good...there were performances from lots of the West End there just in time to see Blue Man Group (see in background of girl with baloon)...hadn't even known they were on...and on the way bumped into a big Sri Lanka Festival in Trafalgar Square.

After, on the way to some falefal at a place Dean introduced me to, called Maaz, on Old Compton Street, checked out the Soho Parish Summer Fayre...

At the risk of sounding like a tourist infomercial...I love that in the summer in London you can turn a corner and find something unexpected and that I can have a whole day of fun for the price of a bus pass and falefal...See here for other free or inexpensive ideas for June & July


At 19/6/06 4:03 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

hey roz.....well donr to you and the guys for raising that money.....i feel really guilty that i didnt contribute to it this time. i loved your Da Linchi code.

peace out!

the free ranged chicken

At 20/6/06 4:39 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

i would have came if josh and craig would have told me lol. i no the Da Linchi cide looks cool


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