Wednesday, June 07, 2006

I Was Lost

I was lost without my mobile watching Lost. I had left it at club and felt left out... I wasn't able to text when I heard a good Lostism or get any from others (the new phenomena called TV Texting sweeping the world or the East End in a very localised area around me) . It just wasn't the same and I felt bad because people probably thought I was ignoring them or not watching. I missed the sharing...I'd lost that sense of community.

My viewing tonight was spoilt as was my ability to spot the Lostism. So here are the few paltry lines until I check my phone and talk to other people.

We're not there yet
What are u - a boy scout?
I'm in the Peace Corps
Nathan wasn't a good person thats why he wasn't on the list
We're safe here now

Saying that I had a lovely session tonight at club looking at our area and what improvements we could make to it and looking at previous projects on the subject at Poplar Futures and critiquing them (first time I've ever written that word...hmmm 'critiquing').

In 2004 the young people designed improvements to the area on paper and 3D (the wall to the left would have a mural and 3D items coming out of it ie. sofa so people could sit on it).
In 2005 other young people looked at identity and placed themselves in the context of their environment in a poem Me, Myself and I (Part 1, Part2, Part 3)

This year who knows what will happen...I expect something interesting knowing this group. There may be blogs, graffitti, political discussions, round-the-table, debates, coffee, chocolate, biscuits...there may even be a revolution.



At 7/6/06 9:35 am, Blogger Keeley said...

i no, i saw some gd ones to but i was to involved in watching it, i forgot to send any lol. Thomas had also already seen it so i didn't wanna send any to him. wel i hope u av ur phone bak now and feel better. lol....

At 7/6/06 9:53 am, Blogger thomas said...

lol roz it dont matter as i didnt send any lostisms.....although i sent you a message to watch carfully lol....lost was amazing......i love the way boom was on the other end of the radio when they thought it was "the others" just before he was crushed.....its all fitting in now!

peace out......the free ranged chicken!

well thats funny as were going to nandos lol


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