Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Hail May

I saw X-Men today but I saw stranger things in real life today.

@ 3.26

a text saying "moses believes that all animals go to sugarcandy mountain when they die"

@ 4pm

biodegradable 'plastic bottles' headlining a newspaper

@ 5.23

hail stones in May

& flicking chanels at some point Al Pacino as Shylock in The Merchant of Venice...loved studying it at school...All that glisters is not gold...so true

Belu is the company who's biodegradable bottles were also discussed on radio on Five Live Drive. They are made of a corn polymer that will biodegrade on a compost heap and ‘profits go to WaterAid’. Waitrose stock it now and will be in other stores in the future. The corn can also be used as film over food products. The only 'dirt' on the idea is that really, environmentally tap water is better but at least if you are going to drink bottled then you can drink biodegradable bottled water who's profits go to Wateraid!

Their tag line is:


The text told me that T had finally started Animal Farm and we would have some interesting discussions to come on the subject. He was texting me the answer to the question I set him to test him to see if he had really started or not...see last post on subject.

Hail stones in May prompted a quick phone call to my daughter who told me she had been caught out in it and soaked to the skin in seconds and was now sheltering in a doorway from it watching just as I was and it seems a lot of people on my street...we shared a quick joke about global warming...as you do and then went about our merry ways. No doubt others will joke about the hose bans in a similar vein. There you go, hail stones in May...the British summer.

Exiting the cinema Tom asked me what my superpower would be if I could choose it...I'm not into the offence so it would be defensive...of course if I'd been more caring and thought of people other than my self I would have said my superpower would be to be able to heal or to create water in a drought or to be able to dream up a sustainable renewable free energy source....(which are all already possible if the money is diverted from offence to defence and not defence according to the military definition). I selfishly without hesitation said that my superpower would be INVINCIBLITY. Of course now I could contextualise that answer and say that if I was invincible I could do much more good in the world because I wouldn't have fear as an obstacle...yeah right...well I would hope that that is what would happen but as I have never lived without fear I don't know. Actually I wouldn't even have to be invincible... just fearless.


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