Sunday, June 25, 2006

Instead of the World Cup

I am not alone. According to a Guardian article '[a] third of Britons avoided the England game on Thursday'. What did they do instead?

Here are some of the things I did instead of watching the World Cup:

I watched Hard Candy at the cinema.I went to the Greenwich & Docklands Festival.I read Small Island and The Bookseller of Kabal and started re-reading Ninteen Eighty Four.I supported a friend in a time of crisis.I went swimming.I read blogs and blogged.I went to the West End Live Weekend.I worked as a youthworker.I had conversations with friends and family.I took photos and worked on some in photoshop (ie. above photo of today at Greenwich)

Tom has been following the World Cup and got Togo in his work sweepstakes. They all agreed that whoever won would have to come into work in the national dress of the country and wouldalso be subject to some kind of forfeit. Tom is thankful that Togo is out as he would have had to ride across the desert on a unicycle. As is another colleague who would have had to have had the national dish of Equador - Guinea Pig. If they had won, it wasn't the local supermarket she would have needed but the local pet shop.

I wonder what guinea pig tastes like. If you are wondering too, see this BBC site:

And before you turn on the 'shocked & outraged' switch, according to the site, 'Spanish colonial paintings of the Last Supper in the old Inca capital of Cusco even show Christ and his apostles feasting on some roasted cuy.'

cuy = traditional guinea pig dish

I still don't understand why people think its okay to eat one living breathing creature and not the other...I'm not against eating one or the other just against discrimination. The poor chicken, cow and pig get a raw deal...not to mention the fish.

Like it says in Animal Farm:


And we humans are the animals at the top of the food chain...for now.


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