Sunday, June 25, 2006


The big orange inflatable caught my eye. It brought to mind the Lostism 'Love is orange', of the orange marigolds in the Bookseller of Kabal but mostly it reminded me of the fact that my bright orange T-Shirt had got me caught jumping the queue the previous Friday night at the Greenwich & Docklands Festival.

It is a sad tale of how easily we can be led astray (I blame the parents and tabloid journalism...tut..tut)
This is how the story unfolds.....

Dean & I were on our way to see Il Cielo Che Danza at the Royal Navy College.

We saw the ridiculously long queue to get in.

We discussed how we would like to jump the queue but that it would be wrong and we would be too scared to do it anyway.

We then went on to talk about how we would do it if we were going to jump the queue.

Like this, keep walking , u-turn as we walked to slide in to join the fast moving queue, keeping on walking.

We found that we had done it.

Then two women commented on me skipping the queue.

Dean said to them that I was with him.

They were ok with that and that was it.

Now how come they didn't notice a big guy like Dean jump the queue and they did me? I blame my orange T-Shirt...and the parents and tabloid jounalism.

Note to readers: Yes I do know that I shouldn't queue jump and that such actions may be the slippery slope to all kinds of other deviant behaviour but rest assured that I have learned from my mistake.

So back to the big orange inflatable ...another part of the Greenwich & Docklands festival. The pictures below tell the story. For most of the performance I didn't notice something. I wonder if you did.

I learned from this performance that you don't need legs to dance.


At 25/6/06 1:38 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

How could you roz that is very bad behaviour lol... what are you going to do next steal cars do drugs should be very a disapointed in your self lol... i am joking... everybody has a moment when they do something that is wrong, then they regret it later

At 25/6/06 1:50 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

what mistake will you be learning from roz......not to jump the queue or not to wear an orange t- shirt whilst jumping the queue. i wanted to say something else but you already mentioned it in you're post. i was going to say "love is orange" and that you were deviant. but you got there first. peace out! the free ranged chicken!


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