Saturday, June 24, 2006

To Cult or Not to Cult

Reading Thomas' blog it made me think, about cults, comments about the small folded up piece of paper and a conversation at club about starting a group up.

I'm a bit wary of the origin of the word cult coming from latin cultus meaning worship/adoration which in the context of organized religion doesn't have to have the obsessive quality I associate with the term but sometimes can. It has an intensity to the word which can create a very narrow focus closing off other possible views. From a sociological perspective being a 'self-identified group of people who share a narrowly defined interest or perspective' again works as long as that interest or perspective is positive.

I prefer the word 'cultivate' it is wider and more organic, something which inspires growth, is open to change, prompts action rather than a way of thinking because that is where we see the beliefs of the person, in their actions...its less elitist, narrow in perspective and less cut of from that which is different to it.

cultivate (Encarta Definition)

cul-ti-vate(past and past participle cul-ti-vat-ed, present participle
cul-ti-vat-ing, 3rd person present singular cul-ti-vates)
transitive verb


1. prepare land for crops: to work land or prepare soil for growing crops
2. grow plant: to grow a plant or crop
3. loosen soil: to break up soil with a tool or machine, especially before sowing or planting
4. nurture something: to improve or develop something, usually by study or education: cultivating her interest in science
5. develop acquaintance with somebody: to develop an acquaintance or intimacy with somebody, often for personal advantage
6. make somebody cultured: to civilize or educate a person or group

So if I was to start a cult it would be one be called The Cultivators... (The Growing Cult!)


At 24/6/06 2:14 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

interesting and what would this cult be about. thomas must be happy that you used him to make a post. i just two things he did yesterday to make posts lol

At 24/6/06 2:15 pm, Blogger Keeley said...

used not just lol

At 24/6/06 10:11 pm, Blogger Thomas said...

keeley you make me sound desperate for "blog attention" lol.


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