Saturday, April 21, 2007

Lea Valley Cycle

Today we added another 15km each to our total of kilometres on our way to our goal of 2085km (the distance from London to Africa) we are trying to swim/run/cycle/walk to fundraise.

We cycled north along the canals and had the idea to do a similar weekend cycle but this time further, camp out and cycle back the next day.

Craig discovered that it is easier to cycle when there is air in your front tyre (not impossible tho) and we will be carrying a pump for such eventualies.

Our route went up Teviot to Limehouse Cut, through Three Mills, past Hackney Marshes (see photo - goals in backround), along Hackney Cut, across Leabridge Road (where Lee Valley Ice Rink is) and to Harrington Hill where we thought we'd better turn back before we completely ran out of steam (see route on map above)

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