Monday, June 04, 2007


Patrick's Wonderful Gardening...he worked long and hard (its been reported) to create these artworks which will it seems help the plants grow up straight...

Patrick's gardening is a little like youthwork - it can sometimes be long and hard work creating measures, boundaries & safe areas for the young to grow within. However in reality we may not have the effect we intend but may provide support simply by being there or existing (in what ever form).

We may nurture the seedlings, meeting their needs providing them with food, water, shelter & light and some grow more than others while some don't seem to at all.

We try to remove the barriers to growing - the darkness, the hunger and the predators to give them a chance in life.

We try to be the gardeners in a sometimes wild and uncultivated garden watching the buds blossom of their own accord and grow towards the light (however haphazzardly).

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