Saturday, May 12, 2007

State of London

Went to the State of London Debate at The Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre in Westminster to hear what Ken (thats Livingston the mayor) had to say about London...not as some might suggest, to get free pens and free food and drink, although if anyone does run out of pens see either myself, Tomas or Craig.

There were stalls with all kinds of information on subjects from transport to the environment with all kinds of leaflets, cards, posters, bags, books and yes pens. All kinds of everyone was/were (where is Wendy when I need her) there, from older to younger, Londoners to Out-of-Londoners, posh to us.

It was good to hear and see what is going on in London and to have the opportunity to ask questions, as many did and hear answers to those questions from Ken. The pens are quite handy too!

To read what Ken had to say (which was all actually spoken and not read out by him) check out the site above.

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