Thursday, April 26, 2007


Its called an amarillus or amaryllis or something like that and about 50 weeks of the year it is just a quite boring plant with long leaves that kind of droop every so often...and then for two weeks it bursts into ginormous glorious flower...last year no one else saw it as it was during holidays but this year (thanks I believe to global warming) it has flowered early and not only that but there are two flowers where last year there was only one.

It probably seems a rather mundane little story and it won't have much to raise it above every other mundane thing that has happened this week in your life but to me its a symbol of my growth.... and is quite dear to me as one of the first things we grew from seed/bulb in club.

Look at the bottom of the blog page...thats where it started and look now...even if for two weeks of the year I could shine like that it would be enough...if I spread the hours of the 14 days over the 260 days I work that would give me about an hour a day!

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At 28/4/07 12:29 pm, Blogger Gordon said...

Every now and then you meet people who you think ought to know other people that you know - but they don't!

Mel is one of our neighbours - I think you ought to know her!!

the cookies


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