Monday, June 18, 2007

No Barbecue

So I went home to Ireland as promised for my Aunt Mary' s 60th Birthday Barbecue celebration...except that there was no barbecue and no Mary!

But I still had fun catching up with family for the weekend...highlights follow:
  • mum taking me shopping for clothes (that are not Tshirts and combats)
  • my brother Olan taking, Sheila, mum and me to Greens where I had such an amazing tagine of monkfish that I considered leaving my number in the comments book!!!
  • David and Sarah, my niece and nephew (above) making rice krispie cakes in my honour - Sarah did the sprinkles
  • talking, eating and drinking into the early hours of the mums apple crumble featured in most meals (yes I will admit it even breakfast)
  • dancing into the early hours of the morning
  • walking some kms in the morning and getting sunburnt in the only 3 hours on Sunday from 10am-1pm that there was sun in the whole weekend.
  • finding more Banksy-like graffitti (see right)
  • checking out David's new blog and working through some different ideas and ways to share info and teach each other what we know and keep in contact.
  • catching up on news and laughing at those family jokes or familyisms that would make no sense to anyone outside...
  • finding the book that I told Craig that I was going to read again because he was reading it because the reason I couldn't find it at home was because I thought it was so good that I thougt my mum should read it and gave it to her - I got it back again and started reading it and realised all over how clever a book it is.
  • did I mention the monkfish - no really if u are ever in Cork in Ireland - go to Greens - forget starters or deserts, don't eat breakfast that morning and order two monkfish main won't regret it - that is unless you actually do leave your telephone number in the comments book!
  • oh and actually getting in and out of the country was definitely a highlight seeing as I discovered my passport was out of date!

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At 21/6/07 7:23 pm, Anonymous davidlynch said...

lovely pic of me

At 21/6/07 7:25 pm, Anonymous david said...

no really i must find out who made those lovely buns oh wait here she comes now hi sarah! nd i also fixed my blog so it doesnt take long to come up.i tink lol.

At 21/6/07 7:52 pm, Anonymous david said...

thx aswell for the link in the txt to my blog its well appreciated.tell jane and tom i was askin for them

At 23/6/07 11:37 pm, Blogger Roz said...

loved the cakes...especially the ratio of chocolate to rice krispies!

At 8/7/07 3:40 pm, Blogger Tim said...

Any chance we could see a picture of you in one of those new outfits that aren't t-shirts and combats? I love to experience new things. : )


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