Saturday, June 09, 2007

Britain's Only Deaf Stand-Up Comedian

Went to Lee Hurst's Backyard Comedy Club in Bethnal Green...its always worth going - even if you have to buy tickets you can get £5 off if you are a member (costs nothing to become a member) and then when you do go you get free tickets in the post for other nights at a later date. Went with Tom tonight on two of the 5 free tickets I got in the post...and got to see Lee Hurst and another few comedians, but the piece-de-resistance (if thats how its spelled) was the final act of the night - Steve Day: Britain's only deaf stand up comedian and he says if there is another one, he hasn't heard of them!

It was a bit surreal...not the gooseberry-wearing-walrus-dancing-on-a-porkchop variety of surreal but it was interesting surreal. Listening and reacting to a comedian who couldn't hear your laughter felt odd, with the lighting he couldn't even see the faces of more than a half dozen faces in the front row to judge reactions and at the end, yes people clapped loudly and enthusiastically...that is except for Tom who raised his arms and waved his hands in the 'deaf clap'.

Check out Steve Day's Site here and check out his show - you won't be disappointed.

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