Monday, July 02, 2007

Club's Got Talent

From the auditions to the show we saw some new talents and some older talents develop...

- Ryan's drumming (new discovery)
- Katie's Majorette Routine & organization of the event
- Tony's Stand up Comedy (Jon had a go too)
- Rory, Koby & Frankie's Dancing
- Danielle & Fern's Judging & announcing skills
- Craig's Presenter talents
- Josh's skills in the Music Booth
- Keeley teaching drama/performance techniques
- Everybody else's supportive skills as an audience

Ryan & Katie won the contest...but yes, although it is cheesey - it is true...we were all winners...we enjoyed ourselves, got more confidence and skills and worked together well as a team...and people did things we never thought we would see them do and things they themselves never thought they would do...that includes me doing an Irish Dancing Teapot...don't ask - just be glad u weren't there!



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