Thursday, July 05, 2007

Doorstep Youthwork

It was great to see Gordon back at club for the night...and reminded me of all the great youthwork we did on the doorstep of the club with young people before they even set foot in the door and even while keeping them out for different reasons (from being full or understaffed or even because they were barrred as a consequence of their behaviour)...whatever the reason relationship building came into every conversation with subjects discussed from drugs to violence to discussing the reasons they had for setting fire to the membership form.

Whether the young people crossed the threshold or not it was another opportunity to make another link even if its just a young person telling you that you shouldn't probably let them in next time if they are 'coked up' and next time you see them you welcome them telling them you are glad to see they are not 'coked up' and they can't even remember the conversation.

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