Wednesday, June 28, 2006


As part of our session last night looking into graffitti art we talked about Banksy, local graffiti (took some photos to work on) , some graffitti from around the world and had a look at Hundertwasser and his organic colourful architecture as well as the Tate has an exhibiton of his work at the moment.

This piece of Kandinsky's work is displayed in the youth club entrance and much of the colour scheme of the club, created by Dean in consultation with the young people and workers is similar to this painting.

There is something about circles and how they bring people of the reasons that there is a big red circle in the orange carpet of our main room. Its a great space for games, gathering together and performing on.

Kandinsky could visually represent sound, to provide a multi-sensory experience - a kind of sensory fusion in his art. Synesthesia is more prevalent in individuals with artistic or musical backgrounds and 6 out of seven synethetes are left handed (Dean can you hear colour?).

Here is my version of the above painting using some everyday items, a camera and some photoediting software....

Here is the original photograph:

The original photo consisted of:

  • 5 chopsticks
  • a trade union box of sweets
  • a container of black dye
  • 3 old ceramic ink bottles
  • a ring and 2 earrings and a bracelet
  • 2 badges
  • a spirograph piece and teddy in half the 20p egg container from a toy dispenser
  • a joke eye
  • a watch face
  • a curtain ring
  • a wax seal


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