Saturday, November 14, 2009

Public Speaking

I can be standing on the street at quarter to one in the morning and calmly dial 999 for the guy who is staggering to his feet with blood dripping from his nose and head but I can't calmly do public speaking.

I can wait and deal with him in a calm fashion and then stand up to the other guy who comes along trying to give him a cigarette and trying to intimidate me with his and his father's names who are supposedly big in boxing in the area but I can't stand in a room full of lovely people and stand up and speak aloud.

I can explain to the police that the man who is telling them what happened didn't come along until after I had called 999 and could not have seen the casualty being 'attacked by Asians' because he did not arrive on the scene until minutes after the call and asked us what had happened but I can't explain anything to anyone if its feels like a speech or a large group.

Perhaps, next time I have to speak publicly, I should pretend that I am in a dangerous situation and I will feel the importance of keeping calm and so be calm.