Saturday, March 29, 2008

Worldwide Switch- Off

Worldwide switch off or Earth Hour tonight... our lights were out tonight...but then we weren't that cheating?

See what its all about here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Bedford Bandstand

Bedford Bandstand presented a line-up I'd never heard of before at a venue I'd never been to before (the Indigo at the Dome in Greenwich). It was streamed online and in Second Life avatars were performing the gig live at the Blarney Stone pub.

Karl Morgan was sweet, had his brother in the band and his Mum & Dad up front cheering him on. They had a few good tracks (the title track of the album wasn't one of them on the night which could be down to being the last song he did with a flu throat).

The Jay Scott Project walked in played and sang some haunting stuff, did a song they finished that day which I couldn't imagine being more polished, and finished their set smiling as if they thought they had gotten away with something. We were the ones who got away with something, getting to see them at a gig for a fiver.

Liam Gerner was of the one -man-and-his-guitar variety that can hold an audience with his banter and friendliness as much as his talent ( and when they all have talent that can make the difference). His songs were of the story-telling tradition whether you call it a folk song or ballad and created images in your head of horses on boats and other such things. He sounds like a guy thats better heard live.

Jonatha Brooke has the Suzanne Vega/Joni Mitchell thing going on when she plays guitar. We were treated to some beautiful Woody Guthrie songs she sang with piano accompaniment for the first time live ever anywhere ( I'd love, tho, to hear them sang with a guitar). It was a good taster though of her next album, all of which will be Woody Guthrie songs. She's looking for a name for the album...and no she says she will not be using the title 'Woody' for obvious reasons.

Check out some of the past gigs on YouTube here what the Bedford Bandstand is all about and whats happening next month here.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Tonight was born the easter egg nest cornet.

So it happened like this...we were making the usual chocolate covered flake/krispie nest cakes to put mini eggs the vain attempt to look like eggs-in-a-nest...

and we ran out of paper cases...

and yes the thrill of it all...we found some cornets and lo and behold what emerged was a wonder to all...but does take more chocolate flakes or krispies cos they fill the hollow...there you go...

I know, no one knew it could ever be this way.

Monday, March 17, 2008

St Patrick's Day 2008

St Patrick's day this year meant some of the usual and some of the less usual.

  • Wearing green
  • Wearing the shamrock.
  • St Patrick's day cards
  • Guiness shamrock hats in the market
  • Patrick playing Molly Malone on the Piano

But the hi-light of St Patricks day for me was when one 14 year old left the St Patrick's day festivities at the local pub to come to club. As he entered he gave me his Guinness hat (some symbolism there?).

He spent two hours at club rather than at the pub. He spent two hours being a young person rather than trying to act older than he felt. He spent two hours working with others, playing games and being creative and doing silly things like going on an easter egg hunt and a bunny tail/cotton ball race and he left with a bag (which he designed himself) full of goodies and a smile on his was a Happy St Patrick's Day.

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Saturday, March 15, 2008


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Demonstration today in London

Stop the War Site with info on demonstration today.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Billy Bragg at the Roundhouse, Camden

Loved Bragg. Loved the Roundhouse. Will return to both.

Anna from 17 Dots: Notes from the Digital Underground says it all and a lot more eloquently than I would.

Check out the Billy Bragg website to listen to some of his new album Mr Love & Justice or to see the video of his duet with Kate Nash at the NME awards...and other such stuff.

If you're desperate bits of the gig are on YouTube.