Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas List

You know when you are just wandering about, doing stuff and minding your own business and you see Father Christmas sitting on a seat opposite you on the Underground reading the paper or you see him out and about shopping in Canary Wharf...the first thing that might come to mind is that Christmas is on its way (unless of course its June and then you may have issues).

When I saw Santa Claus this week...the first thing I thought about was getting my camera out and getting a photo of him. So now when I write my letter to Father Christmas I can send him some pictures of himself out of his work environment - no presents, bag, sleigh, reindeer, children, elves...just some ordinary shots to put in his album...its nice to lose the stereotype.

I've begun my list, so far I have the following on it:

  • Cheese Cake
  • World Peace (I would substitute world peace for cheese cake)
  • Proof that Man really did land on the Moon
  • Make Poverty History
  • The ability to play Silent Night on the guitar (or any other song for that matter)
  • An introduction to public speaking and stand-up comedy course
  • Use of the % of my brain I do not use.
  • A small inanimate object which looks, smells and tastes like cheesecake.
  • Reversal of Damage done to the Environment.
  • The Meaning of Life ie. why 42? Does it mean I will know when I'm 42?
  • An invisible Cloak of Happiness, Health & Safety that I can wrap Jane in.
  • The ingredients and recipe for Cheesecake and the finished article.
  • To hear Misere Mei live in a ginormous cathedral-like building when I am 82 and to die quietly then in my sleep hearing its echo.
  • A satsuma - always have to smell satsumas Christmas morning
  • Somewhere for my brother and girlfriend to stay when they visit at Christmas ie. not the balcony as its too draughty.
  • Immortality for all those I love...or at least the ability to speed-clone if necessary.
  • A prescription for laughter pills
  • A tongue which can eat endless amounts of fresh pineapple without it getting pitted and sore
  • non-dodgey ankles
  • An anti-cynicism shield
  • chocolate

The list is a work in progress...there is more to come.

Whats would u have on ur list?


Monday, November 27, 2006

EU4U & Cheesecake

I have become re-aquainted with cheescake and owe my new found love of this wonderful confectionary to the young people who where involved in a DVD called EU4U - Your Voice Can Make a Difference which looked at the EU and European Parliament and ways to give young people a voice. In the documentary the young people discuss issues concerning them and the MEP Jean Lambert shows how their concerns can be brought to the European Parliament to be addressed. The DVD will be winging its way to schools and youth centres and other interested parties however the cheesecake has already gone, not to the schools and youth centres but to cheesecake heaven...there have been rumours of the existence of other cheesecakes but these can not be substantiated.

The site of the cheesecake massacre was at the Premiere of the EU4U where they were lulled into a false sense of security thinking they were to be part of a circus act called Can o' Apes...a monkey contortionist act involving a large can and apes who squeezed inside and rolled on top. However the cheesecakes found, in actual fact that they were part of the Canapes and didn't stand a chance once they were revealed to the crowd - the scene was something akin to that of the Colosseum in Rome except that we were the lions.

I feel a certain guilt about the experience...but sadly I would probably do it again...sometimes its just all about the cheesecake.

(btw the above picture is of the young people and Jean Lambert the MEP (Minister of the European Parliament) involved...and of course some of the forementioned canapes - the cheescake is in squares...mmm isn't it lovely?)

Email: for free copy of EU4U - Your Voice Can Make a Difference

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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 8

This week was:

  • Tree Planting Week
  • Thanksgiving
  • Anti-Bullying Week
  • Christmas Sale
  • Cash Giveaway Auditions
  • Poplar Indoor Rainy Season

This week we...

  • planted trees for young people to take home & painted some ceramic flower pots ...btw...more of the bulbs we planted a while back are starting to sprout and the wild flowers are still doing well and the Paradise Zone Gardening Centre is due to open in the spring...not really...saying that...I suppose we could grow stuff like plants and herbs and sell them for fundraising...what a good idea...
  • had some anti-bullying poster competitions which Daniel & Kieran won...lots of talk about bullies...even Gordon Brown mentioned it in club - ok not quite in club...a letter that Tony got from Gordon Brown in reply to his letter on the issue of bullying had what Gordon Brown said about he said it in a letter in club...and on the subject...Thomas and Tony both got replies to their letters but I didn't get a reply to my letter and 7 postcards even after signing one with Love & Kisses...I don't understand - I suspect ageism.
  • had a stall in the Christmas Sale manned by Craig, Sarah, Thomas, Josh, Keeley & Michelle and made £45.60...hula hoops and historical romances went well...and Craig's sales pitch seems to have been able to sell almost anything to anyone...along the lines of pyramids to Egyptions but failed with Laura who turned down the beautifully carved antique, oh so lovely and would look perfect on any mantlepiece or living room shelf or side table 'Lovers' statue even at the rock-bottom price of 50p.
  • made marshmallow and chocolate Pilgrim Hats...decorated with icing buckles...Henry used the 'one for me-one for cooking' approach...and Lorrie had an abstract version of the icing buckle while some versions of the Pilgrims' Hats were more art than hat
  • more George Greenies started coming out of school for the we have 2 weekly groups and one monthly...and Tony is the first Langdon Parky to join us...yay!
  • Thanksgiving turkeys - with feathers featuring what the young people were thankful for...Keeley & me were thankful for finally getting all the bodies, heads and feathers of the turkeys cut and glued and labelled...and that in the making of the turkeys no small children were harmed...reminds me though of nightmares I used to have about turkeys in the attic and feathers flying like ice in Edward Scissorhands...and finding out later that when I was little we used to keep turkeys in the attic and my dad used to pluck them wasn't a dream.
  • painted some pine cones for the Christmas Tree...yes the ones I mentioned picking on Tuesday and putting on the radiator to open...if u do this at home you can collect the seeds that fall our after they open and plant them...somewhere nice where you can check on them in years to come...probably in soil as that usually works better than concrete, water or tarmac.
  • had a Thanksgiving version of 'I went shopping and bought...' (great idea Josh) instead we said what we were thankful for and listed what the previous people were thankful for...the lists included friends, families, club, legs (that was Keeley...mmmm?), volunteers, the good in the world (that was Sarah - she's like that u know), a brother, a new baby nephew (that was Thomas who just became an uncle to the youngest person to ever come to club - Billy who was only 2 days old when he came) an unborn baby (Sues), a parent & toddler group (Nick's) and lots more great things I can't remember because I am getting old...sorry no am old.
  • the indoor rainy season bucket shuffle continues...rain on PCs & TVs...the plants get watered does the carpet...I love an indoor shower...I'm singin in the rain...just singing in the rain, what a glorious feeling I need never go out again...

Oh and we were told on Tuesday we had an audition for ITV's Cash Giveaway for money for our Youth Africa Project, on Wednesday we met up to decide what we were going to do, Thursday made the props and got help from everyone at club and Friday finished them and practised the pitch and Saturday, after the sale went into the West End for the audition - which took the form of 7 people in white umpa-lumpa suits (and red ribbons), with Timmy (the Fairtrade banana) and Geoffrey (the Make Poverty History Sign) strutting our stuff for the camera for 60 seconds followed by questions, smiles and sighs of relief that no more energy drinks would be needed.

Everyone did fantabulously...and our pitch was could they not...and our project was could they not...and we were could they not...if we don't get further then it will be because of a break-down in communication where the person in charge tells someone who is not in charge that we are the best and we should have whatever money we need but the person who is not in charge thinks the person in charge has said that we failed the test and should should not get even any honey if we plead know how these things happen.

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

60 Seconds

On Saturday we have 60 seconds to pitch our idea to ITV to get money for our Youth Africa Project.

"What are you talking about?" I hear you say. What ITV says is...

Cash Giveaway - No Strings Attached!

Do you have a long held dream or ambition which is just out of reach because you lack the cash to make it a reality?

ITV is producing a new TV show which will provide a cash injection to help make these dreams come true.

There are no strings attached as long as your heartfelt desire is genuine and honest!

Check out Broadcast Freelancer for more information or the application form.

How do we make our case? How do we convince people that its a good idea for a group of young people from the UK to do a project with another group of young people in Africa? 60 seconds!

Videos to watch for inspiration @ Make Poverty History include:
  • Click
  • Bono
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Lenny Henry
  • Orphans of Nkandla
  • Yellow Dress
  • Toddlers
  • The One Campaign
  • Drop the Debt
  • Orange

If anyone finds any more videos/ads etc. let me know & I will add them.

(btw today I saw these purple-berries...the ones above...dunno what they are but they look pretty...don't they? I also picked up a couple of dozen pine cones for painting & decorating for the tree...the Christmas tree that is...not the tree they came from because that would be silly.)


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Edward Monkton

There are some people in life who I would have preferred sometimes to be other than Gandhi (apart from the fact he's dead), Sylvia Plath (yeah I know she's dead too), Cathy (in Wuthering Heights - yeah I know she is a fictional character), Jo from Little Women, (ditto) Einstein (ditto on the dead bit not fictional), George Elliot (dead too...but was a real woman), Julia Roberts (only because she and I were born only hours apart - we are obviously twins separated at birth and I got the raw deal), and Edward Monkton...

Dean introduced me to this man's art...ok its not in the National Gallery or the Tate but better than that - its portable art - it is on cards to take home or to give to people who you think will appreciate his illustrations and words of wisdom. Not everyone will appreciate the humour or the thought but that is only because Monkton hasn't made a card for them yet...but it will happen...have faith.

Recently as I looked for appropriate cards for people I have only found them in the Edward Monkton sections...I apologise to the people who have got other cards...its not that I don't care about you or think you don't deserve or won't appreciate the sentiment...its probably that I haven't been able to get to a retailer that sells his cards...sorry...I will make it up to are still great biscuits.

Today I got another card (yes the one above) - for a friend who recently got married...hope they have a great Assorted Biscuit Tin together.

BTW don't ask anyone "If I was a biscuit what would I be?" because you might not like the answer...I mean what did Tom mean by calling me a "crunchy oatmeal ethically sourced"? A "Fairtrade biscuit", he argues...but the cruncy oatmeal?....chocolate can be fairtrade...jam can be least he didn't say nuts...but cruncy oatmeal? Maybe I didn't give him enough time to think....maybe we should get a divorce...its come to this after nearly 20 years together...oh dear I think our biscuit tin is now full of broken biscuits...harmony...huh!

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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 7

This week was: Children in Need

And this week we... made all things bear-like including...
  • bear wordsearches & pics
  • bear biscuits
  • bear bird feeders
  • bear/Children in Need posters
  • bear evaluation - pass the bear - only person holding the Pooh (that is the Winnie variety) can speak.

Junior club made a 'Make a Wish' Calendar to sell for Childen in Need & had some competitions at 10p each to enter. Last year we knitted teddy bear scarves & hats to sell bear friends and the year before young people sold tickets to a Teddy Bear's Picnic.

Other Stuff:

  • We won't mention Tuesday night - we have said enough on the matter...lets think of canapes instead.
  • Josh S met the challenge of introducing a new game/aspect to club activities by starting the Table Tennis Doubles craze...the reason he says - it gets more people playing at a time, more team work and people who aren't that good can partner with better players and get to win for a change!
  • Katie is leading the way for the Christmas CD...sadly "I'm a Little Christmas Teapot" did not make the cut...more traditional carols were chosen but will be sung while doing teapot actions to give the 'teapot atmosphere' can take a little bit of that atmosphere home with you this Christmas and share it with people you love...oh the wonder of it all.
  • Cathedral & Phase 10 encountered conflict this week and Nick represented the UN in the war games...and felt the pressure...but nobody is competitive...and winning isn't everything...there were no injuries...only to pride and/or egos...and Nick came out of it unscathed.
  • George Greenies Pool skills are improving since the beginning of the term...pool cues are being used one at a time, being held less often like pencils or javelins, balls are being hit, correct colours are being hit and being potted and without potting the white as well...the young people are taking turns and not moving the balls out of the way as much as they used to and are letting their opponents take two shots when they foul...the white ball doesn't leave the table as often and when it does it is placed more often where it should be rather than where they want it to be...I never knew there was so much to pool...and that's not even going into the whole maths/angle area...
  • Also got a new volunteer for Fridays...YAY!!!! Name to be revealed in future posts...just a little hint for now - male hatted young person - I know I said too much.
  • Oh and also it rained this you say...well the builders are fixing the guttering on the roof and on Friday evening...instead of the usual drips in the IT room (i am not referring to people) we had a good old waterfall there and all along the front face of the club...the plants were watered, as were the paper flowers on the wall, the chairs and the carpet...I had buckets, pans, drip trays, tea towels, bins, newspaper out to catch the flow and it seemed to work...not as well obviously as guttering would - that would try to keep the water out of the building I suppose...i just thought having the builders would mean less flooding not more...I expect i should just watch the weather forcast and plan accordingly.

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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Why did the chicken cross the road?

It seems there are gazillions (technical term for a lot) of sites with answers to this and zillions (technical term for nearly a lot) of them have what different famous people (from Martin Luther King to Bill Gates) might give as answers

This would be my answer: Cos chickens love adventure & sadly despite their feathered wings cannot take to the skies (at least not long enough to bypass the road in question) ...oh to have wings and not be able to fly...story of my life!

I may have other answers in the future ...what would yours be....what would it tell us about your personality?

Was the chicken in question on a protest march to end battery farming? Was the chicken due to pig mythology, abducted by pig aliens because the sheep were seen to be too stupid to do the job without a wolf impersonating one of them and messing up the job - when if the chicken had just crossed the river in the boat with the wolf and goat and cabbage and trusted that it would all work out and in which case the chicken wouldn't have had to be anywhere near the road that crossed the river and wouldn't have ended up just two chicken footprints in green alien slime on the side of the road?

What do you think?

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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Flags of Hope


Please heed this warning....what might seem like a perfectly 'nice' post at first may turn out to be 'not so nice'...its like one of those films where you are lulled into a false sense of this post has an 'R' rating...please do not let impressionable young people or small animals read it as they might find it upsetting.

Josh & Josh, Thomas, Sarah & Craig were centre stage again tonight at 3 Mills in a procession of flags as part of the Bridging the Lea project. Virtual bridges were created to figuratively bridge the gaps socially, geographically or between communities or in issues such as communication or culture. There were bridges of light, water, sound and flags across the river.

The young people designed the flags in the Olympic Colours with motifs and ideas which represented their prayers/hopes. Hopes for the future incuded peace, improved environment, happiness, love, health, sports facilities, less-pollution, better communication, more transport & business links, more sustainable power sources, friendship and equality.

The flags were designed by Newham and Tower Hamlets young people and carried by them, led to the river by drummers...followed by Newham welcoming Tower Hamlets via the sound bridge...and a trapeze artist finished off the show surviving his bridge of wire across the river.

All the event lacked was the usual - better treatment of young people
.(c below 4 details)

  • while champagne & strawberries and all manner of other confectionary and soft drinks were given to adults in the downstairs-nicely laid out a back room and up at least 3 flights of stairs was an otherwise bare table with two large packs of crisps and three bottles of cola (with no glasses) for the young people...not a problem unless you have just gone through a room with lovely chocolate muffins and the like...
  • the young people were asked to wait outside during the speeches...well it wouldn't do for them to acually hear what was being said in case they might learn from it or be part of the whole event rather than just one aspect...and were told it would be for about 10 minutes (rather than the 25 it was) during which time they could 'choose their flags and practice' they were told (to keep them occupied it seemed) wasn't rocket science...they pretty much knew how to hold a flag seeing as they had been there a whole hour already...that and the fact that none of them had any impediment to prevent them from understanding how to hold a flag or physically doing it - despite what attitudes from organizers might have implied.
  • then we had the games of 'car chicken' where I on more than one occasion feared for young people's lives...firstly where we had been positioned to start off from had not been closed off to incoming traffic and then for some reason the 3 vehicles that did come through were all driven by 'very angry people'...perhaps they all live in a 'very angry estate' or they all just had a 'very angry day' ...and it was fast becoming contagious because I was finding that I was gradually becoming a 'mildly angry person' with the addition of the drivers' rudeness to the group but I definitely reached 'moderately angry person' status when a car sped into the area beeping and then proceeded to try and barge its way into the crowd of young people. I have to tell the truth. I will admit - I was a very, very, very angry person...and now I am probably back to moderate...and intend to do something quite moderate about it...because just as the car sped off I took a photo of the number plate and will report the driver for dangerous driving.

And if you see the driver of the above number plate...perhaps you would like to check to see if they are driving with enough care and attention and perhaps you would like to communicate your displeasure if it is not the case and your pleasure if it is...because drivers need to be praised too...if there was more praise on the road there would be less rage....MORE PRAISE LESS RAGE!

It is at this point in time that I wish i lived in Tunbridge Wells...cos then i could finish this post with an anonymous 'Outraged from Tunbridge Wells'...

On a more serious note...Young People are for Life not just for Christmas!

Our Flags of Hope

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Club 06/07 Week 6

This week was:
  • Road Safety Week
  • Family Learning Week
  • Remembrance Day

And this week we...

  • made badges, keyrings & magnets of young people's designs and Red Poppies.
  • made plans for next week's Bridging the Lea procession of our young people's Prayer & Hope Flags - Bridging The Lea on Tuesday 14th November 06.....A visual spectacular of virtual bridges created by local people and world-renowned artists. Come and see the Lea as you have never seen it before! Three Mills, E3 Tues 14th Nov 7pm...hoping the trapeze artists will not end up in the river...or if they do that they will be entertaining and won't injure them selves
  • in the process!
  • used the dance mats - ages 5 to 50 exercised, improved their co-ordination, had fun and neither paramedics or oxygen masks were necessary.
  • created White Poppies from white tissue paper to celebrate peace
  • learned Silent Night on the guitar with a piece planned to be played at Kevin's 40th Birthday we may know it by February.
  • imagined we were evacuated like children had been in World War II and wrote and drew what we would have taken with us in a suitcase...there was everything from a Bibles to pets!
  • saw the Puzzle of the Week finally solved by Rory...after a record 4 weeks of all clubs attempting to find the answer...but with a combination of at least a dozen young people and workers of Monday Club using questions, discussion, the internet, guessing and sheer endurance...we now know when we can add Two to Eleven to get One!
  • remembered the 'Children of Poplar' - 16 school children killed in 1917 named on the above memorial in our local Poplar Park (as we made mini paper lanterns as the youngest survivor had been when the bomb landed) and thought of other children in wars in the world in the present day.
  • had Road Safety puzzles, quizes, posters & badges
  • got the 'Blob Tree' out for evaluation.
  • drew neon & glitter pen fireworks on black card & Fern carried out a survey which found that more people liked her firework display than the example version!
  • got the line up for the Christmas CD - recording starts next week!

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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Today Remember...

1/3 of the World is at War
90% of War Casualties are Civilians
1/2 of Civilian War Casualties are Children
20 Million Children are Refugees
In 1 year 9000 Children are Landmined
300,000 Children are Child Soldiers
(A Child Soldier can be a...combatant...messenger...porter...spy....minesweeper...sexual service)

If you forget or want to learn more check out...
Child Soldiers - their drawings & words

or read the book...

50 Facts that Should Change the World


Jessica Williams

(below is a list of the facts the book talks about)

1 THE average Japanese woman can expect to live to 84; her counterpart in Botswana will die at 39.

2 BLACK men born in the US stand a one-in-three chance of going to jail. For white men the odds are one in 17.

3 ONE in five of the world's population - 1.25 billion people - is undernourished.

4 NEARLY half of British 15-year-olds have tried illegal drugs and nearly a quarter are regular cigarette smokers.

5 CHILDREN living in poverty are three times more likely to suffer mental illness than children from wealthy families.

6 EIGHTY-ONE per cent of the world's executions in 2002 took place in just three countries: China, Iran and the USA.

7 SUPERMARKETS in the UK know more about their customers than the government does. They use loyalty cards to determine your income and what your interests are.

8 EVERY cow in the EU is subsidised by £1.40 a day - three out of four Africans have less than that to live on.

9 SAME-SEX relationships are illegal in more than 70 countries. In nine - including Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi Arabia - the penalty is death.

10 EVERY hour, UK households throw away enough rubbish to fill the Royal Albert Hall.

11 THERE are 27 million slaves in the world.

12 A THIRD of the world's population is at war. In 2002, 30 countries were fighting in 37 armed conflicts - a combined population of 2.29 billion people.

13 THE UK has the second-highest rate of teen pregnancies in the developed world, behind the US. There are 30.8 births for every 1,000 teenagers. Teenage mothers are twice as likely to live in poverty.

14 ONE in five people live on less than 50p a day.

15 THERE are 44 million child labourers in India, some working 16-hour days.

16 PEOPLE in industrialised countries eat between six and seven kilograms of food additives every year. A ham sandwich can contain up to 13 E-numbers.

17 GOLFER Tiger Woods is the world's highest-paid sportsman, earning £44million a year, including £30,000 a day for wearing Nike caps - which Thai workers get £2.20 a day to make.

18 EVERY week an average 88 children are expelled from US schools for carrying a gun.

19 LANDMINES kill or maim one person every hour.

20 THERE are at least 300,000 prisoners of conscience, often held in appalling conditions, sometimes tortured, simply for peacefully expressing their own beliefs.

21 CARS kill two people every minute.

22 THE US owes the United Nations $1bn in unpaid dues. Yet it spends the same amount on its military programme every 23 hours.

23 TWENTY-SIX million people voted in the 2001 UK General Election. More than 32 million votes were cast in the first series of Pop Idol.

24 IN Kenya, bribery payments make up a third of the average household budget.

25 THE world's trade in illegal drugs is estimated to be worth around £225bn - about the same as the world's pharmaceutical industry.

26 TO fly a kiwi fruit from New Zealand to the UK means five times its weight in greenhouse gases being pumped into the atmosphere.

27 MORE than 150 countries are known to use torture.

28 AMERICANS spend £5.6bn on pornography every year - the same amount their government spends on foreign aid.

29 THE average urban Briton is caught on camera 300 times a day. With 10 per cent of the world's 30 million CCTV cameras, we are the most watched nation in the world.

30 IN 2001, 13.2 million Americans and 2.5 million Britons had plastic surgery.

31 BRAZIL has more Avon ladies than members of its armed forces. Physical beauty is so highly prized that calling someone vain is a compliment.

32 EIGHTY-TWO per cent of the world's smokers live in developing countries.

33 THE world's oil reserves could be exhausted by 2040.

34 MORE than 70 per cent of the world's population has never heard a dial tone. In Africa just one in 40 people has a phone.

35 A QUARTER of the world's armed conflicts of recent years have involved a struggle for natural resources.

36 ALMOST 30 million Africans are HIV-positive. By 2050 the disease may have claimed as many as 280 million lives.

37 TEN languages die out every year.

38 MORE people die from suicide than in armed conflicts. In the past 45 years, suicide rates have grown by 60 per cent worldwide.

39 SEVEN million American women and one million American men suffer from an eating disorder.

40 THERE are 67,000 people employed in the lobbying industry in Washington DC - 125 for each member of Congress.

41 SINCE 1977, there have been 80,000 acts of violence or disruption at abortion clinics in North America.

42 THERE are 300,000 child soldiers fighting in conflicts around the world.

43 MORE people can identify the golden arches of McDonald's than the Christian cross. The same goes for the Shell oil logo, the Mercedes badge and the Olympic rings.

44 A THIRD of the world's obese people live in the developing world. Campaigners blame Western countries for dumping cheap, processed, fatty foods on poorer nations.

45 IN 2003 the US spent $379bn on its military. This was 22 times the combined military spending of the seven "rogue states" - Cuba, Iraq, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

46 MORE than 12,000 women are killed in Russia every year as a result of domestic violence.

47 SIXTY-ONE per cent of British teenagers believe aliens have landed on Earth, while 39 per cent have any belief in Christianity.

48 TWO million girls and women are subjected to genital mutilation every year.

49 IN China, as a result of the preference for sons over daughters and the country's one-child-per-family law, there are 44 million fewer women than men.

50 SOME 120,000 women and girls are trafficked into Western Europe every year. The UN estimates the trade is worth £4bn a year

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Friday, November 10, 2006


In September I read Malcolm Gladwell's book The Tipping Point and wanted everyone else to read it and then give it back to me so I could re-read it and so we could all talk about it.

Gladwell's book
Blink is another 'quick read' - I call it that because it is one of those books like The Tipping Point where you have it read before you know it - this is because you are so engrossed in the unfolding of the ideas and the illumination of what in hindsight can only be called the 'blindingly obvious'.

Blink clears up why sometimes split-second decisions can be spot on as if instinctive & why, because of barriers such as prejudice, they can spell disaster (Wikipedia Article)

And if you think you are not prejudiced, do as the book suggests - an IAT (Implicit Association Test) and see if you still feel the same way. They have all sorts from gender and age to race and sexuality.

And if you don't have enough, you can always check out Gladwell's Blog - I haven't quite made my mind up on it - I will give it a go...and if it appears on my Blogroll then you will know.

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Why 3 Little Pigs?

H So why were there 3 Little Pigs & the Big Bad Wolf? Why were sheep left out in the cold? They were well aquainted with the Wolf...he's even been in sheep's clothing. So what was it about pigs that got them the gig?

H It has been suggested that sheep are not seen as the smartest of animals and they would not be very good at drawing up plans for houses whether they were made of straw, wood or bricks. It has also been suggested that the pigs are smarter because they manage to do very little, smell disgusting and live in what can only be described as a 'pig-sty' and yet they are supposedly some of the cleanest of creatures.

H Have sheep had bad press? Has there been pig-propaganda? We all saw what happened on Animal Farm. Why did the pigs end up running things and speaking? And when the pigs say 'Not by the hair on my chiny-chin-chin, what do they mean - surely that would have been a better line for a sheep or goat and since when did the Big Bad Wolf develop his interest in pigs? And why, if he could speak, knock on the door etc. couldn't he have set the straw house alight and had instant barbequed pork?

I think there is a cover-up and it goes deep.

HHH Some interesting views:

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Sunday, November 05, 2006

Bonfire Night

Last year I went to Victoria Park with Sue, Josh and Craig and saw a pretty spectacular 'bonfire' ...a large scale model of Westminster... including a Big Ben which went up in flames to reveal a skeleton in its timbers in a dramatic pyrotechnic & musical extravaganza, the blaze of which warmed and lit up the faces of the crowd of cheering hundreds... followed by the obligatory firework display.

This year I stayed in.

I joined Thomas in his anti-firework campaign and I boycotted Bonfire Night...

Why? Choose the correct answer and see if you know me as well as you think you do or don't. Is the answer - a, b or c?

a) because of the huge waste of resources for the purpose of entertainment

b) because of the practice of burning effigies and celebrating terrorism

c) because of the number of firework related injuries & incidents

It was d) was cold...I was tired and I had a good book...That and I discovered Virtual, safe and can be enjoyed in the warmth of your own home.

Check these sites out:

Cyber Fireworks - where you can choose where to have the show ie. Whitehouse & you run it - more American shows like in Times Square or in the sky above the Statue of Liberty

Kent Fireworks - UK shows over Buckingham Palace and Trafalgar Square etc.

Maylin Fireworks - just a sky - could be anywhere...could be projected onto your ceiling...your own bedroom night sky filled with fireworks

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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Climate Chaos

November 4th saw 20,000 people march from the US Embassy to Trafalgar Square. On the way people gave out acorns to plant, fortune cookies with climate change messages, badges, balloons & T-shirts. People played music, sang, chanted, waved, held placards, pulled large globes or animals...or in the duller moments noticed London's fine architecture which can be best seen sometimes from the middle of main roads which is best avoided unless on a march such as this...

I counted today, so did Sarah, Victoria, Thomas, Razorlight, KT Tunstall, Miranda Richarson and a few TV personalities, politicians and dignitories, 30,000 sundry people, a jazz band, two people dressed up as a cat and dog and a man with a beard and bobble hat.

If u wanna count...check out i-count

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Friday, November 03, 2006

I Count

Email I got Thursday...

Dear Roz,

We're counting down the hours to our big I Count event in Trafalgar Square, 1-3pm on Saturday 4th November. It really does look like we could be making a bigger bang than Bonfire night. And it's not too late for you to join us.

Breaking news: Razorlight will be appearing on the day! We’re releasing this information to the media tomorrow, so please keep this to yourself today, Thursday 2nd November.

The rest of the line up for the day looks like this:

KT Tunstall
Rob Newman
Miranda Richardson
Simon Amstell
Rufus Hound
Ashok Sinha, Director – Stop Climate Chaos
Rt. Rev. James Jones, Bishop of Liverpool
Adam Hart Davis and Sharon Looremeta
Dr Hany El Banna, President – Islamic relief

So bring your friends and family with you. Being irresistible has never been easier.

And if you can't come, we’ll be counting in everyone who’s signed up via the website to say 'I Count'.

We hope to see you there,Lucy & the I Count Team

“We Count because ... the power of many is greater than one. If we all act together, people with real power – politicians – cannot ignore us.” Razorlight

Well I'm going...are u?

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