Sunday, April 27, 2008

Love Music Hate Racism

The March

The DJ & Dance Tent

The Speakers, Singers
Music Makers

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Love Music Hate Racism



Great Free Festival Today
@ Victoria Park

Meet @ Weaver's Field @ 10am to march @ 11am to Victoria Park

Why? For Peace, Love & Music!

Love Music Hate Racism Website
Love Music Hate Racism Festival 2006

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Friday, April 18, 2008

5 minutes to Save a Life

Sue gave blood for the first time today. She was one of 12 of us (aged 17 to 59) that supported the new Blood Donor session at St Nicks in Dee Street.

Paul has to wait until he is 17 to be able to do the same ... only another 16 years!

The National Blood Service advertises...

Do Something Amazing Give Blood

Sue, Josh & Sarah did something amazing and gave their blood for the fist time today and could at this very moment be saving someone's life.

If you want to do something amazing too, ring 0845 7711 711 and register to give blood and save lives.

Check out clubs first blood donor trip here.


Sunday, April 13, 2008

London Marathon 2008

So every year we check out the London Marathon. It isn't hard to do when it runs along the bottom of a nearby street. Every year I think either I wouldn't do it or couldn't do it even if I wanted to do it.

This year I have had knee problems more than ever but this year I'm thinking of running more than ever. Not a marathon and initially not even on the ground. I've just had a gym induction which just might have me back on the road to running again but on the treadmill first while I build up the strength in my legs.

My cousin Christine's recently got in contact with me on Facebook and she's planning to run the Dublin half-marathon in June. I'd love to join her but I'll be happy to be able to do 5k and enjoy it.

I wouldn't even be entertaining the notion had it not been for the state of the art equipment at the gym...the little screen on the treadmill with speed, distance, programmes, goals, a heart monitor, fan, incline adjustor and by far the most important feature the TV.

So this week I begin my Couch Potato to 5k Running Plan and still get to watch TV doing it!

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Friday, April 11, 2008


Jane went to primary school, was home-schooled her secondary years for GCSEs & an AS and then did some more A & AS levels at college.

Now it's back to homeschooling again and this time she's doing it herself. Today she registered to start studying for an Open University degree.

It reminded me of this pottery figure she made in the early years of her previous homeschooling and in turn of the young people we visited last year in Neema Children's Home in Kenya... how much they wanted to learn, how proud they were of the few books they had and how much they valued education whether received and given formally or informally.

I've been putting off doing my dissertation. Initially it was because I hadn't a subject (now being a study of formal & informal education), then I hadn't a good enough angle on that subject, then I hadn't a unique enough angle on that subject. Then I hadn't the time and when I had the time I hadn't the motivation.

I remember how the young people at Neema wanted pictures to be taken of them holding their books. They held them as if they were prized possessions. There is something sad in this. I don't know whether it is sad that they have so few books that they are valued so much or that we can value our learning and books so little.


Only my mother
could say to me that I
sound like
I've lost weight
on the phone!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Mayor & London Citizens

I could have gone to my first ever salsa class but instead went to the Westminster Methodist Central Hall with Thomas and the Nicks and various represententatives from the Stepney & Stratford contingent to a London Citizens conference with the four main Mayoral Candidates, who I like to call Brian, Sian, Ken & Boris (seated to the left in the same order in the picture below).

It was great to see 2500 + people interested in London politics and interested enough to pay to become members of London Citizens and then turn up to such events.

I got to know the candidates better and would probably vote for Sian (Green Party) if there wasn't the possibility that Boris could get in if I didn't vote for Ken. But both Ken and Sian answered questions well but without trying to fluff over areas they didn't want to touch on (like Boris) or use cop outs like 'I'll try' (like Brian).

The whole even was, in the main, very good natured. Booing of Boris was frowned upon and it was agreed it would not continue and there was very little heckling. I have to admit that I was not able to resist the temptation. Boris was going on about variations of how under him the wealth would be given from the rich to the poor...that the wealthy this and the wealthy that...and gave in on the third 'and the wealthy' to add 'like you!'

It could have been worse. I was asked so many times by the Boris minions to 'Vote Boris' I decided I needed a good reply to ensure they understood how unlikely it was that I would ever envisage voting for Boris. I waited in vain for just one more person to ask me to 'Vote Boris' so that I could say, 'I'd rather eat my own vomit.' Its not very eloquent but I felt it had the flavour of how I felt on the matter.

Don't forget to vote on May 1st!

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Dragonboating in Liverpool

My first ever dragonboat regatta and we had to drive 5 hours through snow to get to it!

It was pretty cold!

There were thrills and spills.... to know the team better...

...realised how small the back seat in the boat is and how big my bum is and how a seat can be shared by two people and one bum cheek each... first 200m race was started and over before I realized, the second 200m I enjoyed more because at least I know a little of what to expect and the 500m was a surprise...I thought I'd hate it but loved the fact there was time to have a slower pace...

...all to the beat of our little little drummer girl Amy!

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