Sunday, August 12, 2007

Kenyan Graffiti

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Friday, August 10, 2007

Kenya 1

Friday, August 03, 2007

T Shirt Designs

Over the two weeks Sarah, Josh L, Josh S, Sue, Thomas and Dean worked on designs for Tshirts to take to Kenya. People tried to use relevant themes like Thomas' one to the right where he used icons of peace and the word peace in Swahilli, one of the native languages of Kenya.

To the left Sarah's design shows some of the native animals of Africa and their names in Swahilli....tembo = elephant, kima = monkey & kiboko = hippo and remember from Lion King simba = lion...Hakuna Matata is swahilli too for no worries/problems and Jambo is Hi!

Everyone applied their designs to the T Shirts with fabric pens and ironed them on the reverse to set them...check them out below.

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Cooking with Diane

Another feast of BBQ chicken, Parmigiana Mellanzana, lasagne and for afters strawberry, custard and cream tart and marsbar chocolate fudge cake Mmmmmmm....

Between the three of them they cut, peeled, whipped, boiled, baked, roasted, fried, grated their way to a meal for 10 with a vegetarian option and two desserts...what more could you ask for!

The Dynamic Duo of Joshs more created a Terrific Trio with Diane and wowed us with their culinary skills once more!

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Thursday, August 02, 2007

Climbing & Kayaking

We went re-visited Mile End Climbing wall where Dean took us and whipped us into shape...with an umbrella which he poked us with if we fell off the wall...then he took us through the whole dangling people from heights on long ropes thing and dropped us from a height in what he likes to call an abseil.

I was very happy with my partner Sarah as she prevented body to ground interface otherwise known as me falling from a height at a rate which would limit my ability to fly. She may have only kept me from falling to stop me landing on her but I like to think that she also had my interests at heart or even did it out of reciprocal altruisim (you scratch my back I'll scratch yours or I'll save u from hitting the ground if you save me)

This day was followed by a day Kayaking - which was not the smartest move for tired arms. We paddled down the canal, avoiding the ducks and swans and trying to avoid the bank. Going in circles seemed pretty popular, maybe because it was so hard to go in a straight line.

And funnily enough we bumped into Dean...well after a phone call to say 'Hey we are at the bottom of your garden' and he came out with Mary to have a chat with us from his garden while we were in our kayaks on the canal...what fun!

And staying in the kayak was nearly as hard as paddling in a straight line...especially for some people...yes Thomas should be in the boat not in the water.

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